Hive 0.13.0-1510 Release Notes

Below are release notes for the Hive component included in the MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop.

Version 0.13
Release Date November 20, 2015
MapR Version Interoperability

See the Hive and HCatalog Support Matrix and the Ecosystem Support Matrix

Source on GitHub

Maven Artifacts

Package Names The following packages are associated with this release:
  • mapr-hive-0.13.201511180922-1.noarch.rpm
  • mapr-hive_0.13.201511180922_all.deb
  • mapr-hivemetastore-0.13.201511180922-1.noarch.rpm
  • mapr-hivemetastore_0.13.201511180922_all.deb
  • mapr-hiveserver2-0.13.201511180922-1.noarch.rpm
  • mapr-hiveserver2_0.13.201511180922_all.deb
  • mapr-hivewebhcat-0.13.201511180922-1.noarch.rpm
  • mapr-hivewebhcat_0.13.201511180922_all.deb

New in this Release

This release of Apache Hive includes the following behavior changes that are specific to MapR:

Additional Properties
The following Hive properties were backported into this release:
  • hive.metastore.schema.verification.record.version
  • hive.server2.thrift.http.max.idle.time
  • hive.server2.thrift.http.worker.keepalive.time
  • hive.server2.session.check.interval
  • hive.server2.idle.session.timeout
  • hive.exec.orc.default.block.size
You can override the default values by configuring different values for these properties in the hive-site.xml file. For details on these properties, see the Apache Hive Documentation.
Additional orcfiledump Options
The orcfiledump utility includes the option to print the timezone in ORC metadata files and to dump the content of the ORC files.
Flexible HiveServer2 Authentication Support
When the cluster is secure, HiveServer2 accepts both MAPR-SASL and PAM for in-bound authentication. This allows a single instance of HiveServer2 to accept both MapR-SASL authentication from Hue and PAM authentication from JDBC/ODBC connections.
Beeline can Submit Multiple Queries at a Time
Beeline can submit multiple queries at a time when you use a semi-colon(;) in-between queries. For details on the features available in the open source version of this component, see the Apache Hive 0.13.0 changelog or the Apache Hive homepage .


This release by MapR includes the following fixes on the base Apache release. For complete details, refer to the commit log for this project in GitHub.

GitHub Commit Date (YYYY-MM-DD) Comment
70e1c5f 2015-10-16 MAPR-19370: On a secure cluster, HiveServer2 now accepts both MapR-SASL and PAM authentication.
88b368f 2015-10-07 MAPR-20814: Backported HIVE-8746 to enable ORC timestamp columns to account for daylight savings time changes.
8ab8f06 2015-10-03 MAPR-20866: Queries on a subset of the columns in a parquet schema no longer return NULL column values.
4f7f3e3 2015-09-25 MAPR-19408: Backported HIVE-7353 so that HiveServer2 no longer has JDOPersistanceManager leaks when HiveServer2 uses the embedded MetaStore.
40c2a4e 2015-09-24 MAPR-20650: Backported HIVE-9749 to provide the option to configure whether or not the Hive Metastore version should be updated automatically.
0e3c9c4 2015-09-21 MAPR-20191: On the MapR 5.x sandbox, the Hive classpath no longer contains newlines.
c58f426 2015-09-17 MAPR-20297: Backported HIVE-9877 to allow Beeline to submit multiple queries at a time.