Hive 2.1.1-1904 (MEP 5.0.3 and MEP 4.1.4) Release Notes

This section provides reference information, including new features, fixes, known issues, and limitations for Hive 2.1.1-1904.

Below are release notes for the Hive component included in the MapR Converged Data Platform. You may also be interested in the Apache Hive 2.1.1 Release Notes or the Apache Hive homepage.

These release notes contain only MapR-specific information and are not necessarily cumulative in nature. For information about how to use the release notes, see Ecosystem Component Release Notes.

Hive Version 2.1.1
Release Date April 2019
MapR Version Interoperability See Hive and HCatalog Support Matrix and Ecosystem Support Matrix and MEP Components and OS Support.
Source on GitHub
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Maven Artifacts See Maven Artifacts for MapR.
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Feature Support

  • MapR supports Hive-2.1.1 on Tez-0.8.4. For more information, see Tez 0.8.4-1901 (MEP 4.1.3 and MEP 5.0.2) Release Notes.
  • MapR does not support Hive on Spark, so you cannot use Spark as an execution engine for Hive. However, you can run Hive and Spark on the same cluster. You can also use Spark SQL and Drill to query Hive tables.
  • MapR does not support HDFS encryption in Hive tables.
  • MapR does not support HBase with Hive-2.1.1 starting from mapr-core-6.0.0.
  • MapR does not support LLAP with Hive-2.1.1 as Apache Slider is not a MapR ecosystem component.
  • Starting from Hive 2.1, Hive needs to run the schematool command as an initialization step.

New Features

  • None.

Changes in Security with Default Configuration

  • None.

Because and were added to default Hive configuration, some actions in Hive are restricted according to security best practices and CVE-2018-11777

The new class FallbackHiveAuthorizerFactory will do the following to mitigate the above-mentioned CVE-2018-11777:

  • Disallow local file location in SQL statements for all except the administrator.
  • Allow set only selected white list parameters.
  • Disallow dfs commands for all except the administrator.
  • Disallow ADD JAR statements for all except the administrator.
  • Disallow COMPILE statements for all except the administrator.
  • Disallow TRANSFORM statements.
For more information, see Action Restrictions with Fallback Hive Authorizer.

Known Issues

  • Vectorized execution is a new Hive feature that can show performance improvements in some cases and cause stability issues with others. The Hive vectorized execution feature has many bugs in Hive 2.x. It is recommended to turn off this feature at a system level and only use it for certain queries which work fine using it. You must evaluate the benefit of this feature against the potential stability issues on a case by case basis.


This release by MapR includes the following fixes on the base Apache release. For complete details, refer to the commit log for this project in GitHub.

Commit Date (YYYY-MM-DD) Comment


2019-05-17 MAPR-HIVE-499 : Most information is lost when hive log4j2 routing appender rotated logs
15c7b31 2019-03-18 MAPR-HIVE-478 : Use mapr tez dependency in Hive-2.1
4da18a 2019-03-12 MAPR-HIVE-457 : Hive MR job fails with NullPointerException if we execute cleardanglingscratchdir
7a30356 2019-03-06 MAPR-HIVE-465 : Investigate error logs in Hive Metastore after implementing Thrift v0.12.0
c3abff2 2019-03-04 MAPR-HIVE-432 : CLONE - CVE-2018-1320 vulnerability in Apache Thrift
48b1e33 2019-02-25 MAPR-HIVE-449 : absence of webhcat pid file under $MAPR_PID_DIR
5365c0b 2019-02-15 MAPR-HIVE-434 : 'Australia/Sydney' timezone conversion issues
cc4a278 2019-02-07 MAPR-HIVE-307 : Add -SNAPSHOT to Hive version

This release by MapR also includes the following backported issues. For complete details, refer to the commit log for this project in GitHub.

Commit Date (YYYY-MM-DD) Comment
5665541 2019-03-19 HIVE-16196 : UDFJson having thread-safety issues
958f74e 2019-02-25 HIVE-15291 : Comparison of timestamp fails if only date part is provided
acc60f8 2019-02-08 HIVE-17640: Comparison of date return null if time part is provided in string.

Resolved Issues

  • None.