Hive 2.3.3-1808 (MEP 6.0.0) Release Notes

This section provides reference information, including new features, fixes, known issues, and limitations for Hive 2.3.3-1808 MEP 6.0.0.

These release notes contain only MapR-specific information and are not necessarily cumulative in nature. For information about how to use the release notes, see Ecosystem Component Release Notes.

Hive Version 2.3.3
Release Date September 2018
MapR Version Interoperability See Hive and HCatalog Support Matrix and Ecosystem Support Matrix and MEP Components and OS Support.
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Feature Support

  • MEP 6.0.0 supports Hive-2.3.3 on Tez-0.9.

    For more information, see Tez 0.9.1-1808 (MEP 6.0.0) Release Notes.

  • MEP 6.0.0 does not support Hive on Spark, so you cannot use Spark as an execution engine for Hive.

    However, you can run Hive and Spark on the same cluster. You can also use Spark SQL and Drill to query Hive tables.

  • MEP 6.0.0 does not support HDFS encryption in Hive tables.
  • MEP 6.0.0 does not support HBase with Hive-2.3.3 starting from the 6.0.0 release.
  • MEP 6.0.0 does not support LLAP with Hive-2.3.3, because Apache Slider is not a MapR ecosystem component.
  • Hive 2.1 and later needs to run the schematool command as an initialization step.

New Features

  • MERGE operator for MapR Database JSON Tables in Tez mode

    For more information, see Understanding the MERGE Statement.

  • property with default value as false
    You must set in the hive-site.xml file to create a database if the directory already exists and then restart Hive Metastore and HiveServer2.
    CAUTION: You cannot set the using the Hive CLI or Beeline.
  • Ability to read default SSL passwords and keystore location from /opt/mapr/conf/ssl-client.xml

Changes in Security with Default Configuration

  • The following properties are removed from the default hive-site.xml configuration on a secured cluster:

  • Property Value
    hive.server2.webui.keystore.path /opt/mapr/conf/ssl_keystore
    hive.server2.webui.keystore.password Default keystore password
  • The following property is added to the hive-site.xml configuration by default on a secured cluster:
    Property Value
    hive.server2.use.SSL true
  • Because HiveServer2 is configured to use SSL encryption by default starting from Hive-2.3 MEP-6.0.0, you must add ssl=true; to a JDBC connection string when using PAM or MapR-SASL authentication.
  • You can configure the JDBC connection string with SSL enabled or disabled.

    For more information, refer to Configuring JDBC Connection String with SSL Encryption Enabled or Disabled.

  • World-readable permissions enabled for Hive configuration files.

Known Issues

  • In HIVE-19502, you cannot insert values into a table stored by JdbcStorageHandler.
  • You cannot connect to a Spark Thrift Server on a Kerberos-secured cluster, because Kerberos and SSL are not compatible.

    However, you can modify the hive.server2.use.SSL to false in the hive-site.xml file.

  • In MAPR-HIVE-302, you cannot interact with Hive tables on PostgreSQL after upgrade.
  • In Bug 32349, Simple Fetch from MapR Database JSON tables does not work in the Hive 2.3 release. Workaround: Set hive.fetch.task.conversion=none in the hive-site.xml file or using the Hive CLI. The hive.fetch.task.conversion property is used for query conversion. Some select queries can be converted to a single FETCH task that minimizes the latency. Currently, the query should be single sourced and not have any subquery and also must not have any aggregations or distincts (which incurs RS - ReduceSinkOperator, requiring a MapReduce task), lateral views and joins:
    • none: disable hive.fetch.task.conversion
    • minimal: SELECT star, filter on partition columns, LIMIT only
    • more: SELECT, filter, LIMIT only (supports TABLESAMPLE and virtual columns)
  • A non-administrative user can install hooks, which could represent a security vulnerability. See Preventing a Non-Administrative User from Installing Hooks for more information.
  • Vectorized execution is a new Hive feature that can show performance improvements in some cases and cause stability issues with others. The Hive vectorized execution feature has many bugs in Hive 2.x. It is recommended to turn off this feature at a system level and only use it for certain queries which work fine using it. You must evaluate the benefit of this feature against the potential stability issues on a case by case basis.


The Hive 2.3.3-1808 (MEP 6.0.0) release includes the following fixes on the base Apache release. For complete details, refer to the commit log for this project in GitHub.

Commit Date (YYYY-MM-DD) Comment
5ea2352 2018-08-08 MAPR-HIVE-300: Hive HCat does not create a proper "client" on MapR-SASL cluster without Hive metastore
c50c43b 2018-07-24 MSEN-11: You can save a file with a newline at the end
d009cf0 2018-07-21 MAPR-HIVE-281: WebHCat issues an error during an attempt to run a Hive query
56ea17e 2018-07-17 MAPR-HIVE-285: The fails when a custom security flag is set
34180bf 2018-07-09 MAPR-HIVE-272: The HiveMapRDBJsonOutputFormat class must implement the HiveOutputFormat interface
af94d85 2018-06-17 MAPR-31641: The failed queries with invalid table alias or column reference are deleted
9c572f7 2018-06-27 MAPR-31803: The fix for Bug 30031 results in users not being able to create databases on an existing location
1855442 2018-06-21 MAPR-HIVE-242: The script adds two rows to the end of hive-site.xml after every launching
cf0655e 2018-06-19 MAPR-HIVE-258: The Zookeeper version in Hive is updated from 3.4.6 to 3.4.11
61773b5 2018-06-19 MAPR-HIVE-244: The Hive script overwrites properties by secure by default values and does not take into account the .not_configured_yet flag
836f751 2018-06-19 MAPR-HIVE-251: The default SSL password is read from the /opt/mapr/conf/ssl-server.xml
28025b1 2018-06-22 MAPR-HIVE-262: Only client passwords from ssl-client.xml are used
3c463a5 2018-06-01 MAPR-HIVE-223: NPE during CREATE ROLE uses SQL Standard-Based Hive Authorization
0a458b4 2018-05-22 MAPR-31380: The HeartBeat thread uses a cancelled delegation token while connecting to meta
bc7a6bd 2018-05-22 MAPR-HIVE-212: SSL is setup by default when PAM plus MapR-SASL is configured by default
39ae559 2018-05-12 MAPR-HIVE-184: SSL encryption with PAM authentication is configured on the MapR-SASL secured cluster
1f92945 2018-05-07 MAPR-HIVE-208: Import to Hive as a parquet data format failed and could not initialize class org.apache.derby.jdbc.AutoloadedDriver40
f371524 2018-04-17 MAPR-HIVE-193: The MERGE syntax for MapR Database JSON tables is implemented
dfc7cfd 2018-04-24 MAPR-31175: The hive.exec.tmp.maprfsvolume should be false when operating with Tez
19fd04f 2018-04-13 MAPR-HIVE-196: Running the -R reconfigures the underlying MetastoreDB to derby in the hive-site.xml file
5cfebda 2018-04-12 MAPR-27663: PidFilePatternConverter does not append the PID to the log name
d842904 2018-04-11 MAPR-HIVE-190: The log writes in two Hive.log files instead of one
61735a1 2018-04-11 MAPR-HIVE-171: A bash script for MapR configuration tool is added
1f12b05 2018-04-11 MAPR-HIVE-167: A sub-module API for configuring is added into the MapR configuration
72c75e7 2018-04-11 MAPR-HIVE-165: The HiveEncryption tool is moved to a separate sub-module and split into a CLI processing class and an Encryption processing class
bd611a2 2018-04-10 MAPR-HIVE-189: World-readable permissions for Hive configuration files are set
efd951f 2018-04-03 MAPR-HIVE-187: The Hive CLI does not start on a 6.0.1 cluster with Spark 2.2.1
4f23f26 2018-03-21 MAPR-30940: A Hive job fails by AccessControlException against files on the NM local disk
c9445f0 2018-03-20 MAPR-30895: Tez jobs are shown as KILLED in a RM UI

The Hive 2.3.3-1808 (MEP 6.0.0) release also includes the following backported issues. For complete details, refer to the commit log for this project in GitHub.

Commit Date Comment
5b67110 2018-08-07 HIVE-12408: SQLStdAuthorizer does not require an external table creator to be the owner of directory, in addition to read or write permissions
e57f603 2018-07-25 HIVE-17429: Hive JDBC does not return rows when querying Impala
d1c113d 2018-07-24 HIVE-18393: Error returned when some other type is read as string from parquet tables
224b05b 2018-06-25 HIVE-13000: Hive returns useless parsing error
3b0918d 2018-06-13 HIVE-17963: Fix for HIVE-17113 is improved for non-blobstore file systems
d313347 2018-06-12 HIVE-17113: Duplicate bucket files are written to table by runaway task
3eaba39 2018-05-31 HIVE-17155: findConfFile() in has issues with the configuration path
800c6e5 2018-05-25 HIVE-19649: Clean up inputs in JDBC PreparedStatement. Add unit tests
24165d1 2018-04-05 HIVE-18710: Extend inheritPerms to ACID in Hive 2.X