Hue 3.7.0-1505 Release Notes

The notes below relate specifically to the MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop. You may also be interested in the Hue github page and the release notes for Version 3.7.

Version 3.7.0
Release Date June 2, 2015
Source on GitHub
GitHub Release Tag 3.7.0-mapr-1505
MapR Version Compatibility See Hue Support Matrix.
Maven Artifacts
Note: This version of Hue does not support Sentry.

New in this Release

This release of Hue version 3.7 for the MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop includes the following features:

  • MapR-SASL security support between Hue and the following components:
    • YARN on MapR 4.0.1 or greater
    • HttpFS 1.0-1504 and greater on MapR 4.0.1 or greater
    • Hive 0.13-1504 and Hive 1.0-1504 or greater on MapR 4.1 or greater
    • Oozie 4.0.1 or greater on MapR 4.0.1 or greater
  • The ability to configure a file size restriction for the File Browser. The file size is specified by the file_size property in the hue.ini file. The default is 1.0 GB.
  • In a new installation, Hue automatically determines the following values that you would otherwise configure in the hue.ini file:
    • resourcemanager_api_url
    • proxy_api_url
    • history_server_api_url
    • security_enabled
    • mechanism
  • Support for multiple PAM modules. By default, Hue is configured to use PAM authentication for new installations.
  • Support for Hive 1.0
  • The ability to configure Hue to display Hive 1.0 logs by setting the use_get_log_api property to true in the [beeswax] section of the hue.ini file.


Commit Date (YYYY-MM-DD) Comment
3a912cc 2015-03-11 MAPR-13476: Support for SSL mutual certificate-based authentication to HttpFS.
f78b5ef 2015-03-26 MAPR-17765: The following error no longer displays while updating Hue: "IntegrityError: (1062, "Duplicate entry '1' for key 'PRIMARY'")".
3cbc369 2015-04-03 MAPR-15976: script auto-generates keys required for security configuration.
b5ed618 2015-04-08 MAPR-17413: Added a property to restrict the size of files that can be viewed from the File Browser.
e7d2328 2015-04-14 MapR-18179: Hue UI no longer throws an error after a successful installation performed with the MapR Installer.
fd7696 2015-04-28 MAPR-17413: Changed API parameter len to length.
853e44e 2015-05-05 MAPR-18334: Added getTablesWithoutMemorize function for loading list of tables without cache.

Known Issues

  • MapR-17229: The HBase examples provided in Hue 3.7 will not load in HBase 0.94.x because HBase 0.94.x uses a different thrift version than Hue 3.7.
  • MapR-17314: When you run Hue 3.7 with a Hadoop version that is less than 2.5.1, the Job Browser hangs if you attempt to kill running YARN applications from the Job Browser window. This issue occurs with MapR version 4.0.1 as it uses Hadoop 2.4.1.
  • MapR-18668: Hue does not work on RedHat/CentOS 7 when it is configured to use a MySQL database.

    When this issue occurs, the MapR Control System (MCS) displays the "Hue Down Alarm."


    1. Run the following commands to install MariaDB and the Redhat 6 compatibility library:
      yum install mariadb
      rpm -ivh --nodeps$(rpm -qa mariadb|cut -d- -f2)/rhel7-amd64/rpms/MariaDB-5.5.41-centos7_0-x86_64-compat.rpm
    2. Run the following command to create a symlink for the Cyrus SASL library:
      ln -s /lib/64/ /lib64/
    3. Run the following command to reconfigure Hue:
      bash -c "./opt/mapr/hue/hue-3.7.0/build/env/bin/activate; /opt/mapr/hue/hue-3.7.0/build/env/bin/hue syncdb --noinput; /opt/mapr/hue/hue-3.7.0/build/env/bin/hue migrate"
    4. Run the following command to restart Hue:
      maprcli node services -name hue -action restart -nodes <space separated list of hostnames>
  • MapR-18823: Hue is unable to communicate with Hive when the hive-site.xml is empty and the hue.ini security settings are automatically configured to use MapR-SASL.

    Workaround: Add the following properties to hive-site.xml with values based on the configuration you require:

    • hive.metastore.sasl.enabled
    • hive.metastore.uris
    • hive.server2.authentication
    • hive.server2.enable.doAs (optional)
    • hive.server2.thrift.sasl.qop

    For example:

    <description>if true, the metastore thrift interface will be secured with SASL.</description>
     <description>authentication type</description>
      <description> URI where clients contact Hive metastore server </description>