Impala 1.4.1-1410 Release Notes

Version 1.4.1
Release Date November 19, 2014
Source on GitHub
GitHub Release Tag 1.4.1-mapr-1410
MapR Version Interoperability See Impala Support Matrix and Ecosystem Support Matrix (Pre-5.2 releases).
Maven Artifacts
  • Impala 1.4.1 requires MapR version 4.0.1 with mapr-patch- You must contact support to obtain the patch.
  • If Oozie is running on the cluster, after you apply the patch you must regenerate the Oozie WAR file to pick up the new binary.

New Features

Impala 1.4.1 offers some new features for improved performance and functionality, including admission control. For a full list of new features and their descriptions, refer to New Features in Impala 1.4.1 for MapR.

Important: This release of Impala only works with Sentry in file-based storage mode.

Resolved Issues

Impala 1.4.1 on MapR version 4.0.1 with patch mapr-patch- resolves the following known issues:

MapR Issue Description
15155 Impala returns results when you run queries that include the UNION ALL clause.
14863 Installing Impala packages no longer updates the mapr-hive package with Hive 0.12.
14397 Impala supports Hive 0.13.
14391 The following message that was inapplicable to MapR file system no longer appears in the Impala message log:] Unknown disk id. This will negatively affect performance. Check your hdfs settings to enable block location metadata.
13802 Warden starts all services when you install Impala on Ubuntu systems.
12793 The Impala daemon uses memory without exceeding the limits set for Impala.


Commit Date (YYYY-MM-DD) Comment
2e768c9 28-Oct-2014 MapR 14870. The -authorized_proxy_user_config=mapr=* option is set by default in to enable impersonation for Impala.
5fe101f 07-Sept-2014 MapR 13802. Warden starts all Impala services on Ubuntu.