Drill 1.10.0-1808 Release Notes

This section provides reference information for fixes in Drill 1.10.0-1808.

The following release notes apply to the 1.10.0-1808 version of the Drill component:

Version 1.10.0-1808
Release Date September 2018
MapR Version Interoperability Component Versions for Released MEPs
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  • mapr-drill-
  • mapr-drill-yarn-


Drill 1.10.0-1808 provides the following fixes:
Fix Tracking Numbers Description
MD-3943 The io.dropwizard.metrics have been removed from Drill.
MD-3716 Queries on complex nested data in Parquet files no longer fail when selecting on all columns.
MD-3715 A Drillbit no longer hangs or loses connectivity.
MD-3544 Queries on complex nested data in Parquet files no longer fail.
MD-3471 Queries on views no longer intermittently return permission denied errors.
MD-3409 Drill returns the correct row count for queries on MapR Database JSON tables.
MD-3214 Drill reruns queries on Parquet data sources if they fail due to Parquet input stream read errors.
MD-3196 Queries with multiple concatenated items no longer hang.
MD-2758 Performance improvements for queries with the LIKE operator.
MD-2528 Drill can read Parquet columns with INT64 types.
DRILL-6140 Drill correctly lists operators in query profiles.
DRILL-6028 Drill splits the generated code in ChainedHashTable into blocks to avoid "code too large" error.
DRILL-5978 Hive libraries are updated to version 2.1.2-mapr-1710.
DRILL-5972 Improved performance for queries with filters on INFORMATION_SCHEMA.
DRILL-5971 Drill can read Parquet logical types INT64 and INT32.
DRILL-5906 The Hive version in Drill is upgraded to 1.2.0-mapr-1707 hive.version to avoid NullPointerException when querying Hive ORC tables.
DRILL-5857 Hive unit tests include a fix for NumberFormatException.
DRILL-5757 Queries with the CONVERT_TO_JSON function no longer fail when using fields that do not exist as a parameter.
DRILL-5697 Improved performance for queries with the LIKE operator to filter on pattern matching.
DRILL-5420 The ParquetAsyncPgReader no longer goes into an infinite loop during cleanup.
DRILL-5083 To avoid an infinite loop in the Merge Join, the status.getOutcome() method returns a failure if one of the batches has a “stop” status.
DRILL-4120 The Avro storage format allows implicit columns.
DRILL-4039 Queries no longer fail when non-ascii characters are used in string literals.
DRILL-3250 Drill no longer fails when comparing multi-byte characters from a Hive table.