Drill 1.12.0-1904 (MEP 4.1.4) Release Notes

This section provides reference information for fixes in Drill 1.12.0-1904.

The following release notes apply to the 1.12.0-1904 version of the Drill component:

Version 1.12.0-1904
Release Date May 2019
MapR Version Interoperability See Component Versions for Released MEPs.
Package Names
Navigate to https://package.mapr.com/releases/MEP/, and select your MEP and OS to view the list of package names, for example:
  • mapr-drill-
  • mapr-drill-internal-
  • mapr-drill-yarn-


Drill 1.12.0-1904 provides the following fixes:

Fix Tracking Number Description
DRILL-6721 Fix SchemalessScan plan serialization / deserialization.

Known Issues and Limitations