Drill 1.12.0-1801 Release Notes

This section provides reference information, including new features, default configuration changes, improvements, resolved issues, known issues, and limitations for Drill 1.12.0-1801.

The following release notes apply to the 1.12.0 version of the Apache Drill component included in the MapR Converged Data Platform.

Version 1.12.0
Release Date February 2018
MapR Version Interoperability See MEP Components and OS Support, Interoperability Matrix, and Drill Support Matrix.
Package Names Package Names for MapR Ecosystem Packs (MEPs)

New in this Release

  • (MD-1649) Index-based query plans for queries without filters, including queries with GROUP BY, JOIN, and DISTINCT projections. See Index Planning in Drill.
  • (MD-2301) Ability to submit queries from the REST API when impersonation is enabled and authentication is disabled. See Submitting Queries.
  • (MD-2745) Support for NaN (Not-a-Number) and Infinity (both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE) as numeric values. See JSON Data Model.
  • (MD-2490, DRILL-5723) System options improvements, including a new internal system options table.

Default Configuration Changes

The default size for the store.parquet.block-size parameter is now 268435456 (256 MB), the same size as MapR file system chunk sizes. Previously, the default size was 536870912 (512 MB). See Configuring the Parquet Block Size for more information.


In addition to the features mentioned above, Drill 1.12 includes the following improvements:
MapR Tracking Numbers Improvements


Bounds checking for direct memory is now disabled by default. You can enable bounds checking, as explained in Configuring Drill Memory.
MD-3314 Unable to re-run queries from Profiles tab with impersonation and without authentication
MD-3086 Improve the row count estimates for LIMIT queries to avoid over-parallelization
MD-3053 MapR Database Statistics Improvements
MD-2867 DRILL-5855 Provide a useful error message when the SystemOptionManager is queried for a non-existent option
MD-2842 Projecting a Few Columns with DISTINCT, LIMIT and ORDER BY without a Filter Specified should use a Secondary Index Tables for Fast Query Response Times
MD-2758 Drill performance improvement for text search vs Impala
MD-2745 Error parsing JSON containing token 'NaN'
MD-2647 Enable UTF-8 support in query string by default
MD-2518 Parquet Scan Performance Improvement
MD-2403 Drillbit fails to start when only keystore path is provided without keystore password.
MD-2323 Review & update the default values of index planning config options
MD-2319 Query Containing Wildcard in String Matching Filter Runs 4x Slower Than Impala
MD-2301 Support Impersonation without authentication for REST API
MD-2196 DRILL-4264: Allow field names to include dots
MD-2002 Operator Specific Handle for Empty Batches
MD-1752 Throttling-based per-query memory assignment
MD-1650 Drill Join query with Secondary indexes
MD-1649, MD-3267 Support Index Planning for Queries with GROUP BY w/o WHERE clause
MD-1431 Improve Performance of Drill's Parquet Scan Operator (Amadeus)
MD-1247, MD-1810 Drill only initializes enabled storage plugins and registers schemas for workspaces that relate directly to a query, which improves query time for small queries that run concurrently. The Foreman in Drill caches the root schema of the JSON document for use in subsequent queries. Previously, Drill initialized all enabled storage plugins and registered workspace schemas for each query without caching the root schema, which caused an increase in query time if a storage plugin was misconfigured or the underlying data source was down or slow.
MD-580 Improve performance of Parquet scan operator
For a list of additional features and improvements, see Apache Drill 1.12 Release Notes.

Resolved Issues

This release of Drill includes the following resolved issues:
MapR Tracking Numbers Resolved Issues
MD-3471 Intermittent permission denied errors with Drill queries on Views
MD-3423 DRILL-5880 : Advanced tests fail with error: "UNSUPPORTED_OPERATION ERROR: This query cannot be planned possibly due to either a cartesian join or an inequality join"
MD-3322 You no longer need to enable the planner.index.force_sort_noncovering option for Drill to correctly return the results of a non-covering query in sorted order.
MD-3249 Query with union on 520 columns failing with compilation exception
MD-3246 Investigate jackson-databind vulnerabilities CVE-2017-15095 & CVE-2017-7525
MD-3196 Query hangs when we concat many items
MD-3155 Simba JDBC driver dependency issues with third party applications
MD-3131 DRILL-5967 Memory leak by HashPartitionSender
MD-3071 Queries (intermittently) fail with SYSTEM ERROR: RpcException: Data not accepted downstream.
MD-3066 Queries with join on two or more tables fail to pick hash index plans for all eligible tables
MD-3062 DRILL-5822: The query with "SELECT *" with "ORDER BY" clause and `planner.slice_target`=1 doesn't preserve column order
MD-3055 Remove hbase and hbase_describe plugin templates from 1.11.0-mapr branch
MD-3031 Duplicate columns projected from MapR Database Scan for large IN condition
MD-2987 DRILL-5771: Fix serDe errors when format plugin is used with table function
MD-2983 Using option `planner.index.use_hashjoin_noncovering`=true is causing NPE
MD-2979 Memory leak by ParquetRowGroupScan
MD-2978 Drill isn't honoring option not to save query profiles
MD-2894 Order by doesn't sort columns when window function is involved in the query
MD-2843 MIN MAX DIR tests fail and return incorrect results
MD-2807 DRILL-5922 Intermittent Memory Leaks in the ROOT allocator
MD-2771 skip.header.line.count does not work for Hive table with data file size > chunk size
MD-2770 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError exception not handled in org.apache.drill.exec.rpc.security.ClientAuthenticatorProvider
MD-2769 DRILL-5819: Default value of security.admin.user_groups and security.admin.users is "true"
MD-2730 Null Pointer Exception with query using table function
MD-2723 Client to Bit Encryption shown as disabled in the drill webserver when SSL encryption is enabled
MD-2712 Queries failed with AssertionError: rel has lower cost than the best cost of subset
MD-2702 Rename ssl property enableHostVerification as disableHostVerification
MD-2635 Enabling SSL using hadoop config doesn't honor "ssl.server.keystore.keypassword" property
MD-2632 DRILL-5775: Select * query on a maprdb binary table fails
MD-2621 Fix XSS vulnerabilities in Drill
MD-2619 Drill fails to start when https is enabled with a keystore having keyPassword different from keyStorePassword
MD-2617 NullPointerException: Querying maprdb json tables
MD-2528 Parquet int_64 causes UnsupportedOperationException in Drill
MD-2516 Hash function produces skewed results on String values with same leading prefix
MD-2509 Some queries in concurrent execution get stuck in STARTING phase
MD-2483 exec.hashagg.num_partitions cannot be set by "alter session" or "alter system"
MD-2464 DRILL-5715: Performance of refactored HashAgg operator regressed
MD-2459 DRILL-5714: Fix NPE when MapR Database plugin is used in table function
MD-2436 Issue with drill-config.sh checking java version
MD-2412 Query with 2-way JOIN fails with "Hash join does not support schema changes"
MD-2379 drill.connections.rpc.user.<encrypted/unencrypted> metric can result in a neg value
MD-2375 RowKeyJoin is generated instead of IndexScan for queries with derived table/ table functions
MD-2292 Query hangs with bit to bit authentication
MD-2216 DRILL-5660: Drill 1.10 queries fail due to Parquet Metadata "corruption" from DRILL-3867
MD-2201 DRILL-4469: SUM window query returns incorrect results over integer data
MD-2130 Drill wrong old date-time values displaying
MD-2125 Queries fail with "Failed to create schema tree." when Impersonation is enabled and logins are anonymous
MD-2041 Potential wrong result from spillable hash agg
MD-1945 DRILL-4139: Fix parquet partition pruning for BIT, INTERVAL and DECIMAL types
MD-1828 DRILL-5507 Millions of "Failure finding Drillbit running on host" info messages in foreman logs
MD-1586 Pam authentication with Centrify doesn't work by JPam restriction
MD-1455 Hash aggregate does not support schema changes
MD-1205 Simple query with only one join condition failed with "Hash join does not support schema changes"
MD-1171 Security: Stored XSS (Drillbit>>Query) vulnerability
MD-1168 Drill Web UI Page Source Has Links To External Sites
MD-1122 Fix the Hive default storage plugin template.
MD-1115 DRILL-5464: HashAgg throws a SchemaChangeException when atleast 1 scan fragment reads 0 rows
MD-965 UnsupportedOperationException: Unable to get holder type for minor type [LATE] and mode [OPTIONAL].
MD-853 Query on TPC-H SF100 dataset fails with "Hash join does not support schema changes"

Known Issues

This release of Drill includes the following known issues:
MapR Tracking Numbers Known Issues
MD-3564 Min/Max functions logic should be improved
MD-3563 Order by clause works inconsistently when sorting columns with NaN
MD-3534 Query runs out of memory when using SI indices
MD-3521 Nan/Inf data types: strange query result with INNER JOIN operator when selecting 1 column
MD-3497 NaN/Infinity: some functions don't work as expected
MD-3449 Queries using non-covering index plans with larger rowkey join batch size fail with "CONNECTION ERROR: Exceeded timeout while waiting send intermediate work fragments to remote nodes"
MD-3345 Query using index plans (intermittently) fails with IllegalStateException: #Scan ranges should be greater than 0 since estimated rowcount=[non-zero]
MD-3344 TPC-H Query 1 returns rows with incorrect precision on Parquet SF100 dataset
MD-3201 Multiple occurrences of "AnalyzerException: Error at instruction 98: Expected an object reference, but found ." seen in drillbit.out
MD-2455 Query with INTERVAL in predicate does not return any rows




(Ubuntu systems only) If you uninstall Drill 1.11 or upgrade from Drill 1.11 to Drill 1.12, you must manually backup log files, third-party JAR files, and configuration files and settings prior to performing the uninstall or upgrade procedure. Failure to do so results in the loss of the files and configurations.