Drill 1.13.0-1912 (MEP 5.0.4) Release Notes

This section provides reference information for fixes in Drill 1.13.0-1912.

The following release notes apply to the 1.13.0-1912 version of the Drill component:

Version 1.13.0-1912
Release Date December 2019
MapR Version Interoperability See Component Versions for Released MEPs.
Package Names Navigate to https://package.mapr.com/releases/MEP/, and select your MEP and OS to view the list of package names. For example:
CentOS/Red Hat:
  • mapr-drill-
  • mapr-drill-internal-
  • mapr-drill-yarn-
  • mapr-drill_1.13.0.201910091438_all.deb
  • mapr-drill-internal_1.13.0.201910091438_all.deb
  • mapr-drill-yarn_1.13.0.201910091438_all.deb


Drill 1.13.0-1912 provides the following fixes:

Apache Drill Issue MapR Tracking Number Description
N/A MD-5842 Drill confuses the data type when inserted both from OJAI API and dbshell
DRILL-7113 MD-5630 Drill on MapRDB cannot understand a null value
DRILL-7052 MD-5541 High risk phishing vulnerability in Web UI
DRILL-6664 MD-5077 Backport fix for DRILL-6664 into 1.13-R1 and 1.14-R1 branches
N/A MD-5057 Drill Query on New File created on Volume that has reached namecontainerdatathreshold fails with gets I/O Exception (Failure while trying to get block map)
DRILL-6557 MD-4607 Drill should not get ALL input splits during planning phase for Hive partition table

Known Issues and Limitations

Older versions of Drill, such as Drill 1.10.0, supported the HBase plug-in, but Drill versions 1.11.0 through 1.16.0.x do not support querying HBase tables.