Impala 2.7.0-1707 Release Notes

This section provides reference information, including new features, fixes, known issues, and limitations for Impala 2.7.0-1707.

Below are release notes for the Impala component included in the MapR Converged Data Platform.

Impala Version 2.7.0
Release Date August 2017
MapR Version Interoperability See MEP Components and OS Support.
Source on GitHub
Release Tag 2.7.0-mapr-1707
Hive support 2.1
HBase support 1.1.8
Package Names See Package Names for MapR Ecosystem Packs (MEPs).

New in This Release

No new features in this release.


This release of Impala on MapR includes the following fixes. For complete details, refer to the commit log for this project in GitHub.

Commit Date(YYYY-MM-DD) Comment
4b567ccc 2017-07-21 [IMPALA-5253/MAPR-28508] The appropriate Thrift transport in the StatestoreSubscriber is used.
bd61e00d 2017-06-30 [IMPALA-3641/MAPR27796] DROP IF EXISTS does not return the object name in the RPC response a table or database is not actually dropped.
6c8d67a6 2017-04-19 [IMPALA-5005/MAPR-26889] The server can send an out of order SASL COMPLETE message.

Known Issue

[MAPR-27403] Impala 2.7.0 does not work with the AWS S3 file system on systems running Java 8. This issue relates to a library conflict with joda-time.


No new limitations in this release.

Fixed Issues

No fixed issues in this release.