New API in Flume 1.7.0

Flume 1.7.0 includes the following new classes and interfaces.

New Classes

Class Description
org.apache.flume.source.taildir.ReliableTaildirEventReader Creates a ReliableTaildirEventReader to watch the directory.
org.apache.flume.source.taildir.TaildirMatcher Identifies and caches the files matched by single file pattern for TAILDIR source.
org.apache.flume.source.taildir.TaildirSource Сlass is responsible for starting, stoping and configurating taildir source
org.apache.flume.source.taildir.TaildirSourceConfigurationConstants Constants used for configuration TaildirSource
org.apache.flume.source.taildir.TailFile Сlass is responsible for reading and writing positions of event
org.apache.flume.auth.KerberosUser Simple Pair class used to define a unique (principal, keyTab) combination.
org.apache.flume.conf.LogPrivacyUtil Utility class to help any Flume component determine whether logging potentially sensitive information is allowed or not.
org.apache.flume.formatter.output.DefaultPathManager Creates the files used by the RollingFileSink.
org.apache.flume.formatter.output.DefaultPathManager.Builder Constructs path manager
org.apache.flume.formatter.output.PathManagerFactory Creates PathManager instances.
org.apache.flume.formatter.output.PathManagerType Enum that specify Builder class
org.apache.flume.formatter.output.RollTimePathManager Appends time to end of file
org.apache.flume.formatter.output.RollTimePathManager.RollTimePathManager.Builder Constructs path manager from given context
org.apache.flume.source.http.BLOBHandler BLOBHandler for HTTPSource that accepts any binary stream of data as event.
org.apache.flume.source.kafka.KafkaSource.Subscriber This class is a helper to subscribe for topics by using different strategies

New Interfaces

Interface Description

Knows how to construct this path manager.

Note: Implementations MUST provide a public a no-arg constructor.