Configure Hive Metastore Clients to use Kerberos

When the Hive Metastore is configured to use Kerberos authentication, you must also configure Hive Metastore Clients to use Kerberos when authenticating with Hive Metastore.

Complete the following steps on each node where a Hive Metastore client is installed:
  1. Configure MAPR_HIVE_LOGIN _OPTS to " -Dhadoop.login=hybrid" in /opt/mapr/conf/
  2. Configure the following property in hive-site.xml:
    Property Value
    The HiveMetastore principal. For example, mapr/<FQDN@REALM>.
      <description>The service principal for the metastore thrift server. The special string _HOST will be replaced automatically with the correct hostname.</description>
See Connecting to Hive for details on how to connect to HiveMetastore once the server and client node are configured to use Kerberos.
Note: The MAPR_HIVE_LOGIN_OPTS and MAPR_HIVE_SERVER_LOGIN_OPTS were added in 1504 release of Hive 0.13 and Hive 1.0. If you have Hive 0.13 from a prior release, you do not need to configure these properties. Instead, set MAPR_ECOSYSTEM_LOGIN_OPTS and MAPR_ECOSYSTEM_SERVER_LOGIN_OPTS to "-Dhadoop.login=hybrid" in /opt/mapr/conf/