Hive Logging

This section relates to Hive-2.1+ starting from the MEP-1803 release.

Default log folder structure

Hive logs have the following folder structure:



${HIVE_HOME} - Hive home folder. Usually this is /opt/mapr/hive/hive.
${ADMIN_USER} – Admin user of cluster that runs HiveServer2 and HiveMetastore daemons. Usually this is mapr.
${HOSTNAME} – Name of the host where a daemon runs.
${TIMESTAMP} – Date and time of log creation.
${OTHER_USER} – Not an admin user. Admin user impersonates the ${OTHER_USER}.      

Content of log files

Files $HIVE_HOME/log/hive-${ADMIN_USER}-hiveserver2-${HOSTNAME}.out and $HIVE_HOME/log/hive-${ADMIN_USER}-metastore-${HOSTNAME}.out contain information about when HiveServer2 and HiveMetastore daemons are stated, and what are their PIDs.

Files $HIVE_HOME/log/${ADMIN_USER}/${ADMIN_USER}-hiveserver2-${HOSTNAME}.log and $HIVE_HOME/log/${ADMIN_USER}/${ADMIN_USER}-hiveserver2-${HOSTNAME}.log contain information from HiveServer2 and HiveMetastore daemons. File ${ADMIN_USER}-hiveserver2-${HOSTNAME}.log also contains job progress.

The ${HIVE_HOME}/log/${OTHER_USER}/${OTHER_USER}-hiveserver2-${HOSTNAME}.log file is created when somebody runs Hive CLI over the ${OTHER_USER}. The ${OTHER_USER}-hiveserver2-${HOSTNAME}.log file contains job progress.

The ${HIVE_HOME}/log/init_derby_db_${TIMESTAMP}.log file is created if and only if Hive was configured for Derby Db through cluster installation.

Log files on multi node Hive installation

Consider Hive multi node installation (that is Hive packages are installed on different nodes). See Table 1:

Table 1. Cluster Configuration
Hive Metastore HiveServer2 HiveWebHCat
node1 *
node2 *
node3 *

See Table 2 for log configurations.

Table 2. Logs Configuration on Hive Multi-Node Installation
node1 node2 node3
${HIVE_HOME}/logs/hive-${ADMIN_USER}-metastore- ${HOSTNAME}.out *
${HIVE_HOME}/logs/${ADMIN_USER}/${ADMIN_USER}-metastore- ${HOSTNAME}.log *
${HIVE_HOME}/logs/hive-${ADMIN_USER}-hiveserver2- ${HOSTNAME}.out *
${HIVE_HOME}/logs/${ADMIN_USER}/${ADMIN_USER}-hiveserver2- ${HOSTNAME}.log *
${HIVE_HOME}/logs/${ADMIN_USER}/webhcat/ *
${HIVE_HOME}/logs/${ADMIN_USER}/webhcat/webhcat.log *
${HIVE_HOME}/logs/${ADMIN_USER}/webhcat/webhcat-console.log *
${HIVE_HOME}/logs/${ADMIN_USER}/webhcat/webhcat-console-error.log *
${HIVE_HOME}/logs/${ADMIN_USER} * * *

This section relates to Hive-2.1+ starting from the MEP-1803 release.

Disabling Log Splitting of Log Files

You can disable splitting Hive log files into HiveServer2 and Metastore log files. To write all logs to the hive.log file, perform the following steps:

  1. Edit the file to set SPLIT_HIVE_LOGS_INTO_FILES property to FALSE.
    export SPLIT_HIVE_LOGS_INTO_FILES="false"
    Note: Set the SPLIT_HIVE_LOGS_INTO_FILES property to true or comment out this property and restart Hive services to restore the default behavior from your previous Hive log configuration.
  2. Restart Hive services.