Configure Hive ODBC Connections on Windows

To create a Data Source Name (DSN)

  1. Open the Data Source Administrator from the Start menu. Example: Start > MapR Hive ODBC Driver 2.0 > 64-Bit ODBC Driver Manager
  2. On the User DSN tab click Add to open the Create New Data Source dialog.

  3. Select MapR Hive ODBC Connector and click Finish to open the Hive ODBC Driver DSN Setup window.

  4. Enter the connection information for the Hive instance:

    • Data Source Name — Specify a name for the DSN.
    • Description — Enter an optional description for the DSN.
    • Host — Enter the hostname or IP of the server running HiveServer1 or HiveServer2.
    • Port — Enter the listening port for the Hive service.
    • Database — Leave as default to connect to the default Hive database, or enter a specific database name.
    • Hive Server Type: — Set to HiveServer1 or HiveServer2.
    • Authentication — If you are using HiveServer2, set the following.
      • Mechanism: — Set to the authentication mechanism you're using. The MapR ODBC driver supports user name, user name and password, username and password over SSL authentication, and Kerberos.
      • User Name: — Set the user to run queries as.
      • Password: — The user's password, if your selected authentication mechanism requires one.
  5. Optionally, click Test to test the connection.
  6. Click OK.
    Your new connector will appear in the User Data Sources list.

For steps to apply custom configurations, see Hive ODBC Driver.