Configuring the mapr.hiveodbc.ini File

To configure the MapR ODBC Driver with SQL Connector for Apache Hive to work with your ODBC driver manager:

  1. Open the .mapr.hiveodbc.ini configuration file in a text editor.
  2. Edit the DriverManagerEncoding setting. The value usually must be UTF-16 or UTF-32, depending on the ODBC driver manager you use. iODBC uses UTF-32 and unixODBC uses UTF-16. Consult your ODBC Driver Manager documentation for the correct setting to use.
  3. Edit the ODBCInstLib setting. The value is the name of the ODBCInst shared library for the ODBC driver manager you use. The configuration file defaults to the shared library for iODBC. In Linux, the shared library name for iODBC is
    Note: Consult your ODBC driver manager documentation for the correct library to specify. You can specify an absolute or relative filename for the library. If you intend to use the relative filename, then the path to the library must be included in the library path environment variable. In Linux, the library path environment variable is named LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
  4. Save the .mapr.hiveodbc.ini configuration file.