Configuring the odbcinst.ini File

ODBC Drivers are defined in the odbcinst.ini configuration file. The configuration file is optional because drivers can be specified directly in the odbc.ini configuration file. The odbcinst.ini file is divided into the following sections:

  • [ODBC Drivers] lists the names of all the installed ODBC drivers.
  • section having the same name as the driver name specified in the [ODBC Drivers] section lists driver attributes and values.

Here is an example odbcinst.ini file for Linux:

[ODBC Drivers]
Mapr Hive ODBC Driver 32-bit=Installed
Mapr Hive ODBC Driver 64-bit=Installed
[Mapr Hive ODBC Driver 32-bit]
Description=Mapr Hive ODBC Driver (32-bit)
[Mapr Hive ODBC Driver 64-bit]
Description=Mapr Hive ODBC Driver (64-bit)

To define a driver:

  1. Open the .odbcinst.ini configuration file in a text editor.
  2. Add a new entry to the [ODBC Drivers] section. Type the driver name, and then type =Installed
    Note: Assign the driver name as the value of the Driver attribute in the data source definition instead of the driver shared library name.
  3. In .odbcinst.ini, add a new section having a name matching the driver name you typed in step 2, and then add configuration options to the section based on the sample odbcinst.ini file provided with the MapR ODBC Driver with SQL Connector for Apache Hive in the Setup directory. Specify configuration options as keyvalue pairs.
  4. Save the .odbcinst.ini configuration file.