Configure Hue to use Drill on Kerberos-Secured Cluster

You can configure Hue to use Drill on a Kerberos-secured cluster.

  1. Configure Hue to use Drill:
    1. In the hue.ini, go to the Drill section, and set the parameters. For example:
          # Name to show in the UI.
          # Database backend to use.
          # Connection type. This can be:
          # 1. direct
          # 2. zookeeper
          # Drillbit address for direct connection.
          # Security mechanism of authentication none/GSSAPI/MAPR-SECURITY.
          # Available options:
          # "impersonation" to enable or disable outbound impersonation.
          # "principal" of Drill service. Used when Kerberos authentication is enabled.
          options='{"impersonation": true, "principal": "mapr/<node>@REALM"}'                           
  2. Restart Hue to apply the updated configuration:
    maprcli node services -name hue -action restart -nodes <node>