Configure PAM Authentication Between Hue and Hive

In Hue 3.10, you can configure Hue to use PAM authentication when it communicates with HiveServer2. Before you configure Hue to use PAM authentication with HiveServer2, verify that HiveServer2 is configured to use PAM authentication. See Configure HiveServer2 to Use PAM Authentication for more information.

Complete the following steps to configure PAM authentication between Hue and Hive:

  1. Configure the [beeswax] section of the hue.ini file. Set the mechanism option to none. Set the auth_username and auth_password options in the [desktop] or [beeswax] sections of hue.ini (where auth_username and auth_password are the user credentials for the user who authenticates the Hue service with HiveServer2).
    The following example summarizes these changes:
         # Default LDAP/PAM/.. username and password of the Hue user used for authentication with other services.
         # Inactive if password is empty.
         # e.g. LDAP pass-through authentication for HiveServer2 or Impala.
     Apps can override them individually.
         # Security mechanism of authentication none/GSSAPI/MAPR-SECURITY
  2. Restart Hue:
    maprcli node services -name hue -action restart -nodes <Hue node>