Enable SSL Encryption Between Hue and Sqoop2

The following procedure explains how to enable SSL encryption between Hue and Sqoop2.
  1. Configure Sqoop2 to use SSL, or verify that Sqoop2 is configured to use SSL. For details, see "Enabling SSL Encryption in Sqoop2."
  2. In the hue.ini file:
    1. Add the following entry under the [desktop] section:
    2. Add the following entry under the [sqoop] section:
      The following example hue.ini file summarizes the changes. You can use this example as a template:
      # Path to default Certificate Authority certificates.
      # For autocompletion, fill out the librdbms section.
      # Sqoop server URL
  3. Restart Hue:
    maprcli node services -name hue -action restart -nodes <ip_address>