Configure Sentry to use File-Based Storage

You can configure Sentry to use the file-based storage model where permissions are stored in the global-policy.ini.

As of Sentry 1.6.0-1602, the properties in step 1 are configured by default.
  1. In the sentry-xml file (/opt/mapr/sentry/sentry-<version>/conf/sentry-site.xml), edit or verify the configuration of the following verify properties:
    Property Configuration

    Set the value to org.apache.sentry.provider.file.SimpleFileProviderBackend

    sentry.hive.provider.resource Set the value to the location of the global-policy.ini.
    For example:
                            <name> sentry.hive.provider.backend </name>
                            <value> org.apache.sentry.provider.file.SimpleFileProviderBackend </value>
                            <description> The privilege provider to be used (either file-based or db-based). </description>
                            <name> sentry.hive.provider.resource </name>
                            <value> file:///opt/mapr/sentry/sentry-<version>/conf/global-policy.ini </value>
                            <description> Provides location of the policy file. If the policy file is in the file system, then the URL should start from next schema: 'maprfs:///'. </description>
  2. Complete the steps to integrate Hive with Sentry. This includes the step to configure the global-policy.ini file. See The global-policy.ini File