Integrating Sentry

Integrate Sentry with other ecosystem components to enable those components to use Sentry authorization. You can also integrate Sentry with Hue in order to use the Hue Security application to manage Sentry privileges and roles.

Important: MapR officially supports Sentry with Impala, Hive, Sqoop2, and Hue only if you buy Impala support and configure Impala to use Sentry.
You can configure Sentry to provide authorization in the following scenarios:
Sentry Version Sentry Storage Mode Component Integration
1.6.0 Database Impala 2.2.0 and Hive 1.2.1
1.6.0 Database Sqoop2
1.6.0 File-Based Impala 2.2.0 and Hive 1.2.1
1.4.0 File-Based Impala 1.4.1 and Hive 0.13
  • When you configure Impala to use Sentry authorization, both Impala and Hive must use Sentry for authorization management. Also, impersonation cannot be enabled for Hive.
  • For clusters with Hive but not Impala, authorization can be implemented using Hive’s native authorization mechanisms;Sentry is not needed.