The Kafka Connect REST API for MapR Event Store For Apache Kafka manages connectors.

In standalone mode, a connector request is submitted on the command line. This mode is useful for getting status information, adding and removing connectors without stopping the process, and testing and debugging.

In distributed mode, the REST API is the primary interface to the cluster. Requests can be made to any cluster member where the REST API automatically forwards requests.

Content Types

The REST API supports application/json as both the request and response entity content type. For example:
Accept: application/json 
Content-Type: application/json

Status & Errors

The REST API returns standards-compliant HTTP statuses.

Note: By default, the Kafka Connect REST API for MapR Event Store For Apache Kafka service in run on port 8083.
Table 1. Kafka Connect REST API Summary
HTTP URI Description
GET /connectors Gets a list of active connectors.
POST /connectors Creates a new connector, returning the current connector information is successful.
GET /connectors/(string:name) Gets information about the connector.
GET /connectors/(string:name)/config Gets the configuration for the connector.
PUT /connectors/(string:name)/config Creates a new connector using the given configuration or updates the configuration for an existing connector.
GET /connectors/(string:name)/tasks Gets a list of tasks current running for the connector.
DELETE /connectors/(string:name)/ Deletes a connector, halting all tasks and deleting its configuration.
GET /connector-plugins Lists the connector plugins available on this worker,
POST /connectors/(string:name)/restart Restarts a connector and its tasks.
POST /connectors/(string:name)/tasks/(int:taskId)/status Gets a task's status.
POST /connectors/(string:name)/tasks/(int:number of tasks)/restart Restarts an individual task.
PUT /connectors/(string:name)/pause Pauses the connector and its tasks, which stops message processing until the connector is resumed.
PUT /connectors/(string:name)/resume Resumes a paused connector or do nothing if the connector is not paused.
GET /connectors/(string:name)/status Get current status of the connector, including whether it is running, failed or paused, which worker it is assigned to, error information if it has failed, and the state of all its tasks.