Kafka Schema Registry Limitations

To fully benefit from the functionality of Kafka Schema Registry, it is important to understand certain limitations and restrictions involving Avro support, security, and configuration for KSQL and Kafka Connect.

  • Kafka REST support limitation

    Avro schema is not supported for Kafka REST.

  • Security limitation

    MapR ticket based authentication, SSL, and other security mechanisms are not supported.

  • KSQL and Kafka Connect Limitation

    To work with Avro schemas, you need to manually modify the KSQL and Kafka Connect configuration files.

  • Replication Limitation

    Replication for Kafka Schema Registry is not supported.

  • MapR Installer

    You cannot use the MapR Installer to install the Kafka Schema Registry.

  • Avro-console-producer and Avro-console-consumer

    You cannot use avro-console-producer and avro-console-consumer in the current release.

  • SchemaParseException

    Loading data via JDBC Source connector from Hive throws an exception.