Creating Share on MapR Using Manila

The MapR driver for Manila enables you to create a share on MapR Filesystem using the Manila APIs. To set up a share on MapR Filesystem, log in to the node where manila is installed and run the following command:

manila create --share-type <shareType> <protocol> <quota> --name <volumename> --metadata _tenantuser=<tenantuser> _path=<mountpoint> _name=<shareName>
Option Description
name (Optional) Specifies the name for the share (or MapR volume). If this is not specified, volumename is generated based on the share ID.
Protocol Specifies the protocols for share creation. Value must be MAPRFS to create a share on MapR Filesystem.
quota Specifies the amount of disk space in gigabytes (GB) to allocate for the share.

Metadata defined as key=value pairs. For creating a share on MapR Filesystem, specify values for the following keys:

  • tenantuser - The tenant user for whom the share is being created.
  • path - (Optional) The path to the mount point for the share. The default value is <maprfs_base_volume_dir>/<shareid>.

For example, suppose you are creating a volume, sampleVol, on MapR Filesystem with a quota of 2GB to be mounted in /cloud/egTenant for tenant user, sampleTenant, your command should look similar to the following:

manila create --name sampleVol MAPRFS 2 --share-type default --metadata _tenantuser=sampleTenant _path=/cloud/egTenant _name=egTenantVol
Note: For more information, see: