OpenStack Manila

The OpenStack Manila provides shared filesystems as a service. Developer documentation for OpenStack Manila project is available here.

The MapR manila file system driver enables manila to create and manage shares on the MapR file system, which is designed to hold very large amounts of data. The driver is a plug-in based on the Shared File Systems service and provides high-throughput access to the data on MapR Filesystem distributed file system.

A Shared File Systems service share in this driver is a volume in MapR file system. Instances talk directly to the MapR file system storage backend via the (mapr-posix) client. To mount a MapR file system volume, the MapR POSIX client is required. Access to each share is allowed by user and group based access type, which is aligned with MapR file system ACEs to support access control for multiple users and groups. If user name and group name are the same, the group access type will be used by default.

The MapR manila driver interacts with MapR Filesystem via the REST API. The MapR Manila driver is supported on Manila 1.5.0 and 1.8.1. For information on installing the:

To use the manila shares created by MapR manila driver, you must first install and configure the POSIX (loopbacknfs or FUSE-based) client on the tenant hosts by following the steps for Setting Up a Tenant.