Viewing Secondary Index Details

Describes how to use MCS to view more specific details on secondary indexes.

You can view secondary index details using the MapR Control System.

  1. Go to the Indexes tab in the table information page for the JSON table.
  2. Click the name of the index to display the details.
    The page displays Summary and Metrics tabs.
    The Summary tab displays the following:
    Throughput - By Op Type
    See Viewing Throughput by Operation Type Using the MapR Control System
    Region Distribution
    See Viewing Region Distribution.
    Displays the index name, whether or not the index is hashed and if hashed, the number of hashed partitions, the status of the index and if the index is current, and the number of bytes, puts, and buckets that are yet to be replicated to the index.
    The fields in the JSON table that are indexed, but not used for ordering.
    The fields in the JSON table that are indexed and used for ordering.
    The Summary tab displays charts for the secondary index metrics. For more information, see Viewing Secondary Index Metrics.