Altering JSON Table Attributes

This topic describes how to change the values of table attributes by using the MapR Database JSON Client API.

In this example, the code turns off the bulkload flag on the table. Applications will typically need to turn off this flag after a bulk load of the table with the import, importJSON, or copytable utility.

Create a TableDescriptor object for an existing table by passing the path of the table to the Admin interface's getTableDescriptor() method.

Permissions Required

The readAce and writeAce permissions on the volumes where the JSON tables are located. For information about how to set permissions on volumes, see Setting Whole Volume ACEs.


Tables are altered a by using the TableDescriptor object and then passing that object to the Admin interface's altertable() method.

public void alterTable(String tablePath) throws DBException {
    try (Admin admin = MapRDB.newAdmin()) {
        TableDescriptor tableDesc = admin.getTableDescriptor(tablePath);
        // set bulk load to false