Delete Specific Cells Example

This example deletes specific cells that correspond to a specific timestamp.

nt32_t deleteRowExactTS(std::string table_name, std::string row_key,  
        std::vector<std::string> data, int64_t ts) {

        int32_t retCode = 0;
        // initialize delete object
        hb_delete_t del = NULL;
        row_data_t *row_data = (row_data_t *) calloc(1, sizeof(row_data_t));
        row_data->key = bytebuffer_printf("%s", row_key.c_str());
        row_data->tablename = bytebuffer_printf("%s",table_name.c_str());

        // create delete object
        hb_delete_create(row_data->key->buffer, row_data->key->length, &del);

        cell_data_t *prevCell=NULL;
        // add cells that needs to be deleted
        for(int t=0; t < (int)data.size(); t++) {
             vector<string> data_qualifier = split(,':');
             cell_data_t *cell_data= new_cell_data();
                row_data->first_cell = cell_data;
                prevCell->next_cell = cell_data;

             cell_data->columnFamily = bytebuffer_printf("%s",data_qualifier[0].c_str());
             cell_data->columnName = bytebuffer_printf("%s",data_qualifier[1].c_str());

             //add column, fam/column/ts to delete the exact version
             retCode=hb_delete_add_column_exact(del, cell_data->columnFamily->buffer, cell_data->columnFamily->length,
             prevCell = cell_data;

        // set the table name in delete mutation object
        hb_mutation_set_table(del, (const char *)row_data->tablename->buffer,row_data->tablename->length);

        //send the delete request
        retCode = hb_mutation_send(client, del, delete_callback, row_data);
        return retCode;