BufferedMutator Method Support

This table indicates which methods MapR Database supports in the HBase interface BufferedMutator.

The following HBase methods are supported with MapR Database tables, except where noted.

Method Name Modifier and Type Description Supported?
close() void Performs a flush() and releases any resources held. Yes
flush() void Executes all the buffered, asynchronous Mutation operations and waits until they are done. Yes
getConfiguration() org.apache.hadoop.conf.Configuration Returns the Configuration object used by this instance. Yes
getName() TableName Gets the fully qualified table name instance of the table that this BufferedMutator writes to. Yes
getWriteBuffer() long Get the internal write buffer. No
getWriteBufferSize() long Returns the maximum size in bytes of the write buffer for this HTable. No
mutate(List<? extends Mutation> mutations) void Send some Mutation objects to the table. Yes
mutate(Mutation mutation) void Sends a Mutation to the table. Yes
setWriteBufferSize() long Sets the maximum size (in bytes) of the write buffer for this HTable No