MapR Object Store Limitations

To fully benefit from the functionality of MapR Object Store 1.0.0-1808, it is important to understand certain limitations and restrictions involving protocol support, object naming, and specific object and bucket APIs that are not supported.

  • Multiple protocol support limitation

    You can write data via S3 API and read data via NFS/POSIX. But, you CANNOT write to NFS and read via the S3 API as NFS has no ability to populate the necessary S3 metadata required by MapR Object Store.

  • MapR Object Store instance limitation

    You can use only one instance of MapR Object Store on any given bucket.

  • Object name character restrictions

    You cannot use object names that contain characters `^*|" are NOT supported in Windows and other file systems which do not support them.

  • S3 object APIs not supported
    • ObjectACL (Use bucket policies instead)
    • ObjectTorrent
    • ObjectVersions
  • S3 Bucket APIs not supported
    • BucketACL (Use bucket policies instead)
    • BucketCORS (CORS enabled by default on all buckets for all HTTP verbs)
    • BucketLifecycle (Not required for Minio erasure coded backend)
    • BucketReplication (Use mc mirror instead)
    • BucketVersions, BucketVersioning (Use s3git)
    • BucketWebsite (Use caddy or nginx)
    • BucketAnalytics, BucketMetrics, BucketLogging (Use bucket notification APIs)
    • BucketRequestPayment
    • BucketTagging
  • File deletion limitation

    If you delete a file using MapR Object Store, it will delete the metadata file but not the metadata directory of the file.