MapR Object Store with S3-Compatible API Limitations

The MapR Object Store with S3-Compatible API has certain limitations and restrictions involving protocol support, object naming, and specific object and bucket APIs that are not supported.

Multiple protocol support limitation
You can write data via S3 API and read data via NFS/POSIX. But, you CANNOT write to NFS and read via the S3 API as NFS has no ability to populate the necessary S3 metadata required by MapR Object Store.
MapR Object Store instance limitation
You can use only one instance of MapR Object Store on any given bucket.
Object name character restrictions
You cannot use object names that contain characters `^*|" are NOT supported in Windows and other file systems which do not support them.
S3 object APIs not supported
  • ObjectACL (Use bucket policies instead)
  • ObjectTorrent
  • ObjectVersions
S3 Bucket APIs not supported
  • BucketACL (Use bucket policies instead)
  • BucketCORS (CORS enabled by default on all buckets for all HTTP verbs)
  • BucketLifecycle (Not required for Minio erasure coded backend)
  • BucketReplication (Use mc mirror instead)
  • BucketVersions, BucketVersioning (Use s3git)
  • BucketWebsite (Use caddy or nginx)
  • BucketAnalytics, BucketMetrics, BucketLogging (Use bucket notification APIs)
  • BucketRequestPayment
  • BucketTagging
File deletion limitation
If you delete a file using MapR Object Store, it will delete the metadata file but not the metadata directory of the file.