About Deploying Compute Spaces

If you install or if you have an existing installation of the MapR Data Platform v5.2.2, v6.0.1, or v6.1.0 storage cluster, you can create an external Compute Space (CSpace) on a supported Kubernetes environment. Compute applications running in this CSpace are configured to connect to and access data in the external storage cluster. A CSpace namespace and various support files are created on Kubernetes to hold this external connectivity information.

You can create Compute Spaces (CSpaces) only after bootstrapping. You use the bootstrapinstall utility to set up your Kubernetes environments.

The following illustration shows applications in a CSpace running on Kubernetes connecting and accessing data in a storage cluster located on-prem or in another supported environment.

The MapR storage cluster must be visible from CSpace pods running in the Kubernetes cluster. To verify that there is connectivity, a CSpace administrator can exec into a shell to a running pod on the Kubernetes cluster and ping nodes on the storage cluster.