Configure Oozie

The following sections provide information about how to configure Oozie:

To set up Oozie using a non-default administrative user (non-mapr), set the yarn.resourcemanager.principal property to the non-mapr user in the yarn-site.xml file. For more information, see yarn-site.xml.

In Oozie 4.3.0, when you modify the yarn-site.xml file on Oozie server nodes, you need to rebuild the Oozie war file for including the latest changes in the following two methods:
  1. First method:
    1. Rebuild Oozie war files:
       <version>/ <-secure>
    2. Restart Oozie:
      maprcli node services -name oozie -action restart
       -nodes <oozie nodes> 
  2. Second method:
    • Or, for MEP 4.x, you can also run the following command:
      re-run '/opt/mapr/server/ -R