Oozie 5.1.0 API Changes

Oozie 5.1.0 includes the following changes in the Web Services API. The complete documentation is available at http://oozie.apache.org/docs/5.1.0/WebServicesAPI.html
API Description
Get missing dependencies This endpoint is to show all missing dependencies of coordinator action(s).
Purge Command

Oozie admin purge command cleans up the Oozie Workflow, Coordinator, or Bundle records based on the specified parameters. The unit for parameters is days. The purge command deletes the workflow records (wf=30) older than 30 days, coordinator records (coord=7) older than 7 days, and bundle records (bundle=7) older than 7 days. The limit (limit=10) defines the number of records to be fetched at a given time. Turn on or off (oldCoordAction true or false) enables coordinator action record purging for long running coordinators. If any of these parameters are not specified, it is taken from the oozie-default or oozie-site configuration file.