About the Sample Custom Resources for Compute Spaces

A sample custom resource file named cr-cspace-full-gce.yaml is available in the examples/cspaces directory. The sample cr-cspace-full-gce.yaml file contains a complete list of all the properties to define in the CR file for an external CSpace. Note that before deploying any CSpace CR, you must have deployed the information and secrets from the storage cluster that the CSpace will use to connect.

You can use the gen-external-secrets.sh utility to gather this host information and generate various secrets. The utility is located in the tools directory. If you choose not to use this utility, you can manually create the required information. The following sample external cluster information templates can help you collect this manual information:
  • Secure storage cluster: mapr-external-info-secure.yaml
  • Unsecure storage cluster: mapr-external-info-unsecure.yaml
These files are located in the examples/secrettemplates directory.