Resizing the Drill Cluster

To resize the Drill cluster by increasing or decreasing the number of Drillbits, do the following:
  1. Modify the value of one of the following properties in the Drill custom resource file:
    Modify this property... To
    count Manually increase or reduce the number of Drillbits.
    Note: When you reduce the number of Drillbits, Drill ensures that the running pods are shut down gracefully, and the Drillbits are terminated only after the running queries are completed.
    cputhreshold Automatically scale the number of Drillbits when the CPU utilization of the currently running Drillbits reaches the threshold percentage.
    maxcount Automatically scale the number of Drillbits based on a range limited by the maximum number of Drillbits in the cluster. If you set this to a higher value than count, which is considered the minimum, auto-scaling is enabled.
    For more information, see Creating a Custom Resource for Drill Applications.
  2. Deploy the Drill application. For more information, see Deploying Drill Applications in a Compute Space.