Running Drillbits in Compute Spaces

The MapR Drill operator, which includes the Drill Custom Resource Definition (CRD) and controller, is installed in the Kubernetes cluster during bootstrapping. The Drill operator supports the following:
  • Creation of multiple secure and unsecure Drill clusters across multiple CSpaces. Secure Drill can work with a secure MapR storage cluster, and unsecure Drill can work with both secure and unsecure MapR storage clusters.
  • Creation of multiple Drill clusters within the same CSpace.
  • Resizing the number of Drillbits in the cluster manually.
  • Auto-scaling the Drillbits in a Drill cluster based on the CPU load.
  • Gracefully shutting down the excess Drillbits when scaling down to prevent running queries from failing.
  • Deleting and recreating the Drill cluster.
  • Liveness and readiness probes to determine the health of the Drill cluster.

The Drill operator supports MapR Drill 1.15.0 and 1.16.0.