Verifying Drill Application Deployment

  1. Run the following command to determine if the Drill cluster container is running:
    kubectl get <DrillCluster ID> -n <cspace>
    For example:
    kubectl get DrillCluster -n maprcspace1
    NAME                 AGE
    drillcluster1        15h
    drillcluster2        10h
  2. Run the following command to determine if Drillbits are up and running:
    kubectl get pods -n <Cspace>
    For example:
    # kubectl get pods -n maprcspace1
    NAME                       READY     STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
    drillcluster1-drillbit-0   1/1       Running   0          15h
    drillcluster1-drillbit-1   1/1       Running   0          15h
    drillcluster2-drillbit-0   1/1       Running   0          10h
If you see 1/1 in the READY column in the output, the Drill container is up and the Drillbit process is up and running. If READY shows 0/1, the Drillbit process is not up and running even though the container is up.
The following table describes the STATUS values:
This STATUS . . . Indicates
Running The container is up.
Terminating The container is going down.
ContainerCreating Images are being downloaded.
Pending The application is waiting for resources to start the process.