Generic Options

Implement the Tool interface to make the following command-line options available for many of the Hadoop commands.

Generic Option


-conf <filename1 filename2 ...>

Add the specified configuration files to the list of resources available in the configuration.

-D <property=value>

Set a value for the specified Hadoop configuration property.

-fs <local|filesystem URI>

Set the URI of the default filesystem.

-jt <local|jobtracker:port>

Specify a ResourceManager for a given host and port. This command option is a shortcut for -D mapred.job.tracker=host:port

-files <file1,file2,...>

Specify files to be copied to the map reduce cluster.

-libjars <jar1,jar2,...>

Specify JAR files to be included in the classpath of the mapper and reducer tasks.

-archives <archive1,archive2,...>

Specify archive files (JAR, tar, tar.gz, ZIP) to be copied and unarchived on the task node.