Moving CLDB Data

Describes how to move CLDB data to another node.

In a Community Edition-licensed cluster, CLDB data must be recovered from a failed CLDB node and installed on another node. The cluster can continue normally as soon as the CLDB is started on another node.

For more information, see CLDB Failover.

Use the maprcli dump zkinfo command to identify the latest epoch of the CLDB, identify the nodes where replicates of the CLDB are stored, and select one of those nodes to serve the new CLDB node. Perform the following steps on any cluster node:

  1. Log in as root or use sudo for the following commands.
  2. Issue the maprcli dump zkinfo command using the -json flag.
    # maprcli dump zkinfo -json
    The output displays the ZooKeeper znodes.
  3. In the /datacenter/controlnodes/cldb/epoch/1 directory, locate the CLDB with the latest epoch.
    { "/datacenter/controlnodes/cldb/epoch/1/KvStoreContainerInfo":" Container ID:1 VolumeId:1 Master: Servers: Inactive Servers: Unused Servers: Latest epoch:13" }
    The Latest Epoch field identifies the current epoch of the CLDB data. In this example, the latest epoch is 13.
  4. Select a CLDB from among the copies at the latest epoch. For example, indicates that the node has a copy at epoch 13 (the latest epoch).