Table Replication Errors

Logged As

This alarm displays the paths and names of the source tables for which the alarms were issued. Up to ten (10) source tables, that have encountered an error, are displayed.


To identify the cause of the alarm, run the maprcli table replica list command. This command displays an errors field with additional information about the error.
maprcli table replica list -path <table path>
The errors field provides the following information:
  • Code - table replication error code:

  • Host - host that the error occurred on
  • Msg - error message information
For additional information about possible causes of the error, see the following log files (located in the /opt/mapr/logs directory):
  • mfs.log-5 - for the nameserver node of the source table
  • mfs.log-5 - for the nameserver node of the destination table
  • gateway.log

Error Conditions

Possible Error Conditions Description
A missing table or column family on the destination cluster If a column family no longer exists in the replica, pause replication with the maprcli table replica pause command, recreate the column family with the maprcli table cf createcommand, run the CopyTable utility to copy data from the source table into the column family, and then resume replication with the maprcli table replica resume command.
A mismatch in column family names for the table on the destination cluster

If the column family still exists in the replica but the name of the column family was changed, run the maprcli table cf edit command with the parameter -newcfname set to the correct name. Replication will resume automatically.

Unreachable gateways on the destination cluster This error occurs only if none of the gateways on the cluster are reachable.
Autosetup with directcopy has failed while copying data from the source to the replica This error could be raised under the following conditions:
  • If this error occurs due to a connection failure, this alarm should get resolved once the connection is restored.
  • If this error occurs due to other error conditions such as missing tables, mis-matched column families, or an unreachable gateway, the error condition may not get resolved on its own and may need administration action. For example, if a PUT operation fails on destination cluster due to an Out-Of-Space condition, the administrator will need to add more storage before the PUT retry succeeds.