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Replication Alarm

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The volume replication factor is lower than the desired replication factor set for the volume. This can be caused by failing disks or nodes, or the cluster may be running out of storage space.


Investigate any nodes that are failing. You can see which nodes have failed by looking at the Node Health pane in the Overview page in MCS. Determine whether it is necessary to add disks or nodes to the cluster. This alarm is generally raised when the nodes that store the volumes or replicas have not sent a heartbeat for five minutes. To prevent re-replication during normal maintenance procedures, MapR waits a specified interval (by default, one hour) before considering the node dead and re-replicating its data. You can control this interval by setting the cldb.fs.mark.rereplicate.sec parameter using the config save command. For additional troubleshooting information, see how to handle this alarm.