audit info

Displays whether auditing of cluster-management operations and auditing data-access operations are enabled. Also, displays the maxSize and retention values for these two levels of auditing.

Only the mapr user for the cluster can run this command. For more information about the mapr user, see Managing Users and Groups.


maprcli audit info 
[ -cluster <cluster_name> ]
Request Type POST
Request URL


Parameter Description
cluster The name of the cluster on which to run the command.
json Displays command output in JSON format. When -json is omitted, there is no output.

Example Output

This output shows that auditing of operations on data and auditing of cluster-level operations are both enabled. For descriptions of maxSizeGB and retentionDays, see the commands maprcli audit cluster and maprcli audit data.

]# maprcli audit info -json
        "timeofday":"2015-06-16 12:48:43.034 GMT+0000",