dump replicationmanagerinfo

Returns information about which containers are under or over replicated in a specified volume.

For each container, the command displays the current state of that container.


maprcli dump replicationmanagerinfo
     [-cluster <cluster name>]
     -volumename <volume name>
Note: For best results, use the -json option from the command line.





The cluster on which to run the command. If this parameter is omitted, the command is run on the same cluster where it is issued. In multi-cluster contexts, you can use this parameter to specify a different cluster on which to run the command.


Specifies the name of the volume. To obtain a volume name, use the maprcli volume list command.


The maprcli dump replicationmanagerinfo returns information about volumes and the containers on those volumes including the nodes on which the containers have been replicated and the space allocated to each container. If replication activity is not underway when the maprcli command is executed, no container information is included. If replication activity is underway, details of containers are listed.

# maprcli dump replicationmanagerinfo -volumename mapr.metrics -json
    "timeofday":"2015-06-04 08:32:14.381 GMT+0000",
            "AccessTime":"Thu Jun 04 16:57:58 UTC 2015",
                        "OwnedSizeMB":"1 MB",
                        "SharedSizeMB":"0 MB",
                        "LogicalSizeMB":"1 MB",
                        "Mtime":"Mon Apr 30 16:40:41 PDT 2012",

Output fields




Indicates the name of the volume.


Indicates the ID number of the volume.


The volume topology corresponds to the node topology of the rack or nodes where the volume resides. By default, new volumes are created with a topology of / (root directory). For more information, see Volume Topology.


The size on disk (in MB) of the volume.


The desired replication factor, the number of copies of a volume excluding the original. The default value is 3.


The minimum replication factor, the number of copies of a volume (excluding the original) that should be maintained by the MapR cluster for normal operation. When the replication factor falls below this minimum, writes to the volume are disabled. The default value is 2.

MirrorThrottle Specifies whether mirror throttling is enabled (true) or disabled (false). Throttling is set on the source volume and applies to all its mirrors. This property was introduced in version 4.0.2.
AccessTime A value that can be used to determine which volumes are accessed regularly. This value is updated every 6 hours with the last time that an operation occurred on the volume. The access time is not updated for changes to volume properties, creation of a snapshot, or synchronization between a volume and a mirror. However, the volume access time is updated the first time you upgrade to a MapR version that includes this property. This property was introduced in version 4.0.2.
limitSpread An internal flag for MapR volumes to control the growth of volume in terms of number of containers. When this flag is set, cldb tries to limit the number of new containers created depending on the present size of volume. If volume size (data in volume) is small, cldb tries to reuse space in existing containers to avoid the creation of new containers. This helps reduce the wasting of containers IDs in an environment that has small volumes.


The unique ID number for the container.


A sequence number that indicates the most recent copy of the container. The CLDB uses the epoch to ensure that an out-of-date copy cannot become the master for the container.


The physical IP address and port number of the master copy. The master copy is part of the original copy of the volume.


The physical IP address and port number of each active node on which the container resides.


The physical IP address and port number of each inactive node on which the container resides.


The physical IP address and port number of each on which the container does not reside.


The size on disk (in MB) dedicated to the container.


The size on disk (in MB) shared by the container.


The logical size on disk (in MB) of the container.


Indicates the time of the last modification to the container's contents.


Indicates if the container is the name container for the volume. If true, the container is the volume's first container and replication occurs simultaneously from the master to the intermediate and tail containers.


maprcli dump replicationmanagerinfo -cluster docs41cluster -volumename mapr.metrics -json