entity list

Lists and displays information about entities.


maprcli entity list
    [ -alarmedentities true|false ]
    [ -cluster <cluster> ]
    [ -columns <columns> ]
    [ -filter <filter> ]
    [ -limit <rows> ]
    [ -output terse|verbose ]
    [ -sortby ]
    [ -start <start> ]
Request Type GET
Request URL




alarmedentities Specifies whether to list only entities that have exceeded a quota or advisory quota.
cluster The cluster on which to run the command.
columns A comma-separated list of fields to return in the query. See the Fields table below.
filter A filter specifying entities to display. See Filters for more information.
limit The number of rows to return, beginning at start. Default: 0
output Specifies whether output should be terse or verbose.
sortby Specifies one of the following attributes to sort the list of entities by: entityname, entitytype, entityid, entityemail, entityquota, entityadvisoryquota, entitydiskusage, entityvolumecount. By default, the list of entities sorted by entityname.
start The offset from the starting row according to sort. Default: 0


Information about the users and groups. Only users and groups with associated volumes are returned in the output.

Table 1. Fields
Field Short Name Description
EntityType t Entity type
  • 0 = User
  • 1 = Group
EntityName n User or Group name
EntityId id User or Group id
EntityQuota qta Quota, in MB. 0 = no quota.
EntityAdvisoryquota aqt Advisory quota, in MB. 0 = no advisory quota.
VolumeCount vct The number of volumes this entity owns.
DiskUsage dsu Disk space used for all entity's volumes, in MB.

Sample Output

DiskUsage  EntityQuota  EntityType  EntityName  VolumeCount  EntityAdvisoryquota  EntityId  
5859220    0            0           root        209          0                    0   


List all entities:

maprcli entity list

Filter entities by entity name:

maprcli entity list -filter "[EntityName==mapr]"