FID for a Tablet Map

Describes how to determine the FID for a tablet map.

To determine the FID for a tablet map:

  1. Run hadoop mfs -ls <table path> to determine the table FID. The table FID is the FID that displays after the "p.”
    [mapr@hostname ~]$ hadoop mfs -ls /testdst
                            Found 1 items
                            tr-------- Z U 3 mapr mapr 2 2015-02-18 15:24 0 /testdst
                            p 2049.49.131220 hostname:5660
                            r 2061.32.131258 hostname:5660
  2. Run maprcli fid dump on the table FID to determine the tablet map FID.
                            [mapr@hostname ~]$ maprcli fid dump -fid 2049.49.131220
                            value key
                            {"value":{"fid":"<parentCID>.51.131224"}} schema
                            {"value":{"fid":"<parentCID>.50.131222"}} tabletmap
  3. Construct the tablet map FID for the maprcli fid dump command by replacing <parentCID> with the set of numbers before the first period four numbers in the table FID.
    Example: 2049.50.131222