Describes output for a segment.

The output of maprcli fid dump for a segment includes details about each spill.

Output Fields for a Segment

Field Description
key The index of the spill.
numRemoteBlocks The number of remote blocks.
numspills The number of spills.

The property contains the following values:

  • fid: The FID of the spill containing row and value data.

  • smeSize: The spill map entry size.

  • keyIdxOffset: The offsets and length inside the spill for the index

  • keyIdxLength: The length inside the spill for the index

  • ldbIdxLength: The length of the index portion in the spill.

  • bloomBitsPerKey: The number of bits used in the bloom filter per key.

  • numLogicalBlocks. The number of logical blocks in the spill.

  • numPhysicalBlocks: The number of physical blocks in the spill.

  • numRows: The number of rows in the spill.

  • numRowsWithDelete: The number of rows which are marked for delete in the spill.

  • families:Information about the location of different column family data in the spill and the time range of that data.

Output Example for a Segment

maprcli fid dump -fid  2116.945.133246  -json
    "timeofday":"2015-03-05 06:22:13.821 GMT+0000",