fid stat

Displays statistics for MapR Database or file system components that are identified by a FID.

Only the root user and the MAPR_USER user (user name under which MapR services runs) have permissions to run this command.

Note: This command is similar to the UNIX stat command.


/opt/mapr/bin/maprcli fid stat
   [ -cluster <cluster name> ]
   -fid <file identifier for the element>


Parameter Description
cluster The cluster on which to run the command. If this parameter is omitted, the command is run on the same cluster where it is issued. In multi-cluster contexts, you can use this parameter to specify a different cluster on which to run the command.
fid The file identifier for the element (region, kvstore, etc.) for which you want detailed information. The output of the maprcli table region list command lists the FIDs for the regions of the table.

Output Fields

Columns Description
atime The last access time for this FID.

For more information, see the atimeUpdateTimeInterval entry in volume create.

compression The compression setting, either on or off. If on, this parameter displays the compression type.
deleteFlags An internal delete flag that is set on the FID for transactions involving multiple nodes. If deleted, this parameter denotes the deletion type, either self or recursive delete.
diskflush Indicates whether persistent flush is enabled (true) or not (false) for this inode.
gid The group ID
lblocks Number of logical B-Tree blocks
mode The UNIX style permission mode bits for the FID
mtime Last modification time
nblocks Total number of B-Tree blocks used
networkencryption Indicates whether wire encryption is enabled or disabled
nlevels Number of B-Tree levels
nlink Number of links to this inode
parent The parent FID
size The size of the FID. Depending on the type of FID, it can be the actual size (in bytes), or the number of entries
subtype The subtype of the FID
type The type of the FID. For example, regular file, dir, filelet, kvstore, fidmap etc.
uid The user ID of the owner
version The current version of the FID.
xattrInum The extended attribute of the FID


Displays statistics for a specified FID:

[user@hostname ~]$ maprcli fid stat -fid 2062.32.131252  -json
        "timeofday":"2020-04-15 12:28:53.623 GMT-0700 AM",