file tierjobabort

Initiates abort of an ongoing offload or recall operation.

Permissions Required

The user running the command must have (mode bit or ACE) permissions to write to the file.


maprcli file tierjobabort 
    -name <file_name>
    [ -job <jobID> ]
Request Type POST
Request URL


Parameter Description
name The name (including the path) of the file being offloaded/recalled.
job The ID of the job, which was specified with the offload or recall command, to abort. This must be specified to ensure that the correct offload or recall task is aborted. If this is not specified, the command picks a job to abort in the following order:
  1. Job that is in “already aborting progress” status.
  2. Job that is in “running jobs with latest jobid” status.
If there are no jobs in progress, the command returns “no active transfer in progress” error.