MapR Database JSON DiffTablesWithCrc

This utility uses a cyclic redundancy check to detect differences between sets of rows in the specified MapR Database JSON tables. Then, for each set of non-identical rows, it performs a detailed comparison. Finally, it generates one or more directories of sequence files. You can use these files either to merge the rows from two MapR Database JSON tables.

Sequence files are binary flat files. You can learn more about them here. To convert a sequence file into a format that you can read, use the MapR Database JSON FormatResult utility.

This utility requires less network bandwidth than the mapr diffTables utility because it performs a detailed table comparison only on the sets of rows where the CRC algorithm detected a difference. Therefore, consider using this utility when the tables you compare are very similar and you are concerned about the data transfer rate.

This utility considers both the source table and the destination table to be a master table. Therefore, it generates two directories with sequence files. These sequence files contain the puts required to update each table so that each table can contain a superset of the rows in both tables at the time at which the utility was run.

This utility generates the following output directories:

  • opsForDst. A directory containing sequence files that correspond to each put and delete required to make the destination table identical to the source table.
  • opsForSrc. A directory containing sequence files that correspond to each put and delete required to make the source table identical to the destination table.

Run the mapr importtable command to implement the puts and deletes specified in the sequence files.

A user with write permissions on a table can run the mapr importtable utility to implement the changes that are specified in the sequence files.


  • When the cluster runs YARN, it must use zero configuration failover for the ResourceManager.
  • The user that runs the mapr difftableswithcrc utility must have the following permissions:
    • The permission readAce on the volumes where the tables are located.
    • The permission for column reads (readperm) on each table.

    For information about how to set permissions on volumes, see Setting Whole Volume ACEs.

    For information about how to set permissions on tables, see Enabling Table and Stream Authorizations with ACEs.

Note: The mapr user is not treated as a superuser. MapR Database does not allow the mapr user to run this utility unless that user is given the relevant permission or permissions with access-control expressions.


mapr difftableswithcrc
-src <source table path>
-dst <destination table path>
-outdir <output directory>
[-first_exit] Exit when first difference is found.
[-columns <comma separated list of field paths> ]
[-exclude_embedded_families <true|false>] (default: false)
  Don't include the  other column families with path embedded in specified columns
[-cmpmeta <true|false> (default: true)]


Parameter Description
src The path of the first table to include in the comparison.
dst The path of the second table to include in the comparison.
outdir The path to a directory in which to place the generated sequence files. The utility creates the specified directory. If the specified directory already exists, the command fails.

By default, the utility compares all the table cells in the specified tables. Use this parameter if you want to exit after the first difference is identified between the tables. The parameter takes no value.

columns By default, the utility compares all fields in JSON tables. If you do not want to compare all fields, you can specify specific fields to include in the comparison. For example, suppose that want to compare a source table in table replication with a replica of that table. When you set up replication, you chose to replicate the default column family and two additional column families: cf1 and cf2. For the -columns parameter, you would specify the value ",cf1,cf2", where the default column family is represented by the empty string.
cmpmeta A Boolean value that specifies whether or not to compare table metadata such as column families and ACEs. The default is to compare metadata (true).