mastgateway infomem

Returns memory information on the MAST Gateway node.


mrconfig mastgateway infomem




Name The name of the memory pool in the gateway. Each pool has a number of memory objects (not S3 objects) that are used by the MAST Gateway as needed.
Max Free The maximum number of objects from this pool that can be free.
Active The number of memory objects from this pool that are allocated and used by the MAST Gateway.
Avail The number of memory objects that are free, and can be reused when needed.
Obj Size The size of the object.
Num Objs The number of objects on the tier.
TierType The type of tier. Value can be:
  • Cold
  • Ec


# /opt/mapr/server/mrconfig mastgateway infomem
MASTGw mem info on
	Name 		  Max Free  Active     Avail     Obj Size
     WriteFragBufsS3 	  128 	 0 	0 	8388616
    FullReadFragBufs 	  64 	  0 	0 	8388616
    FragReadFragBufs 	  1024 	0 	0 	1048576

	Name 		    Num Objs       Obj Size 	TierType
ColdTiering, Recall Frag 	  0 	  8388608 	  Cold
ColdTiering, Recall Full 	  0 	  8388608 	  Cold
ColdTiering, Offload     	  0 	  8388608 	  Cold
ErasureCoding, Recall Frag 	0 	  25165824 	  Ec
ErasureCoding, Recall Full 	0 	  25165824 	  Ec
ErasureCoding, Offload     	0 	  25165824 	  Ec